Why is “repentance” good for the soul?

You may have heard about repentance as a burdensome, antiquated religious duty. But it’s healthy and beneficial.

Repentance is a turning to Jesus in confession and renouncement of one’s habitual selfish deeds and actions. It may sound onerous, but is not.

There is a long standing rumor that this repentance weighs one down. However, repentance properly understood lifts the burdens off our lives.

It is the things in our lives that we should turn away from that weigh us down. But Jesus gives us a fresh start by confession and renouncement of one’s selfish deeds and actions that weigh one down.

The book of Job tells us about the benefits of repentance:

Come, you must set your heart right,

Stretch out your hands to him.

Renounce the iniquity [the selfish deeds and actions] that stains your hands,

Let no injustice live within your tents.

Then you may face the world in innocence,

Unwavering and free from fear.

You will forget your sufferings,

Remember them as waters that have passed away.

Your life, more radiant than the noonday,

Will make a dawn of darkness.

Full of hope you will live secure,

Dwelling well and safely guarded.

No one will dare disturb you,

And many a man will seek your favor.

(Job 11:13-19, Jerusalem Bible)

Author: peteswriting

I am a published, experienced writer. Many of the publications I have written for have shut up shop. My first job was a one page film review column every quarter. I did that for four years and then the magazine closed down. For ten years after, I wrote instinctive film reviews on a regular basis for a website, then I left. During that time I contributed faith-based and topical news and features to several publications especially Challenge Weekly (which closed down) and after Challenge still contributed on occasion to other publications. In 2014-16, I regularly contributed to faces.org.nz (which is now suspended) and for about eighteen months was an entertainment columnist for Beliefnet.com. Some of my work is linked to below as well as links to my latest blogs.

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